Playing Invisible

I’m thinking this is another phase of the narcissist. I like to title it “playing invisible.” That’s what he’s doing. Very strange. When u think they can’t get anymore stranger… wait for it… lmao 😂. I send him a bunch of texts letting him know what the kids need for school that day and what I packed for them to stay at his place and what he needs to grab from my house when he picks the kids up. And not a response from him. Bahahahaha! Not even a text that says “I picked the kids up, they’re with me now.”.. nope. I can text my kids to find out… “ Did dad pick u up yet?” 🙄.

Oh and while I’m thinking of it, he has the new truck now, so I’m sure he has payments on it now. So his checks to me have been less. Now, I’m supposed to get half his pay. Is he, or is he not providing half? I would say no. Absolutely not. Plus he stopped paying me the additional $500 he owes me for claiming both kids on the tax returns. It was his idea to each claim one kid. Anyway, where’s the $$$?!? I will eventually ask him to show me his paystub. Because that’s what it’s coming down to. That is, if I can find him… you know, he’s now Mr. Invisible!!! 🤪

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